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WebsiteBaker 2.10.0
The successor version of 2.8.3. It is a complete package and contains everything that has been published in the context of the 2.8.3.
Follow the further development
Packet name Version Last Update Status Description Download
WebsiteBaker 2.10.0 Mar 2017 :NEW: stable complete and installable version
requires PHP-5.6 and up!
Note: using PHP-5.6 is set deprecated!
PHP-7.0 and higher is highly recommended!
ZIP-file TGZ-file
WebsiteBaker 2.8.3
:!: !! Attention: Due to the release cycles of PHP, the support of PHP versions less then 5.6 was finally stopped on Dec-01-2016! It is highly recommended to set the server to PHP-5.6 still better to switch to PHP-7.x. !!
:!: !! Warning: It is highly recommended no longer use versions with status 'outdated' in online mode, because they contain critical security vulnerabilities which are already fixed in subsequent versions. !!
WebsiteBaker 2.8.3 Feb 2012 outdated
complete and installable version
PHP-Version from 5.2 and less then 5.6
Exclusively use to update from versions before 2.8.3 and then immediately upgrade to the latest available version!!

Vendor Pakets

Paketname Version for WB-Version Description Download
SensioLabs Twig 1.24.0 from 2.8.3-SP3A fast, secure and highly flexible Template-Engine for PHPZIP-file TGZ-file
SensioLabs Swift Mailer5.4.1from 2.10Swift Mailer can be integrated into each PHP-5 Programm.
It provides a flexible and elegant object oriented interface
to send e-Mails with many functions.
ZIP-file TGZ-file
ab 2.8.3+SP7since many years used by WebsiteBaker to send emails.
Unfortunately it lost stability and security during the last years. It will be replaced by SwiftMailer shortly.
ZIP-file TGZ-file
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