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Webdesign with WebsiteBaker


Webdesign with WebsiteBaker… Those who expected a basic course in HTML / CSS / Javascript or an advanced seminar thereof are completely on the wrong track and have clearly opened the wrong page.
For those who are not quite familiar with HTML / CSS / Javascript, here is a list of links to some very good pages on these topics.

das Web-Projekt SELFHTML (deutsch) THE WORLD'S LARGEST WEB DEVELOPER SITE (english only)

In this area, this wiki is all about the interaction of the design components with WB and its possibilities. It describes some basic rules that should be urgently addressed to ensure that the structure of the design of the entire system of WebsiteBaker including its Addons can be carried out largely homogeneously {uniform/similar}.

For many years, the formatting and output of the pages in the so-called 'back-end', today's AdminControlPanel, is done with the support of the template engine 'phplib' which is quite rudimentary and very inconvenient to use. Only since WebsiteBaker 2.8.4 the powerful template engine TWIG is available that is already in use at some individual components. From the follow-up version of WebsiteBaker 2.8.4 on a complete separation of PHP code and presentation (HTML) will be possible through the consistent use of TWIG for the ACP for the first time.
In this section of the WIKI details on the use of Twig now be described and explained as far as they are relevant to the web designer. For a more comprehensive documentation than our wiki we refer to the page Twig for Template Designers.

TWIG for Template-Designers(en)

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