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Support for the development with WB 2.10.x

Versions 2.10.x and below the 2.x series are all based on the refined, original code of WebsiteBaker.
That, however, in no way means that the system has not yet evolved significantly. A lot of new classes and functionalities were added which will be described and explained in the following. Also you will notice that several traditional names have changed.
Thus, for example, the BackEnd has become to the ACP (AdminControlPanel), Snippets have been renamed to FrontEnd-Extensions, and generally Modules became to Addons. In the documentation for the 2.10.x these new terms are already used extensively throughout. The associated functional changes are incorporated step by step in the encoding. We use the new terms already, so that developers and users can gradually get used to it.

:!: Every new development / revision for the 2.10.x and above it is imperative to follow the general Coding-Standards and these instructions and safety rules given here!
Addons that do not meet these criteria are either not included in the official repository, or provided with a clear warning of incompatibility!


Changes and new developments in version 2.10.x

Deprecated List of 2.10.x
(i.e. 'unwanted' issues from earlier versions, which should no longer be used)

The Registry / WbAdaptor (package)
(Programming without global constants and variables)

Translate (package)
(Centralized management of translation makes the previous, cumbersome integration of language files now superfluous and makes access simpler and more versatile!)

AccessFile (package)
(The package provides for a unique structure and a secure structure of AccessFiles for all addons.)

System Security (package)
(A package of individual elements. From password encryption throughout to protection against cross-site scripting.)

Addon Development for WB-2.10.x

Coding examples and procedures

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