Diese Liste basiert auf dem Forenthread Important hints from core-dev-team der schon seit 2010 Änderungen im System ankündigt.

  • (17) 2015-03
    Concerns: class WbDatabase and class mysql
    Deprecated: all of the Alias-methods and Alias-properties are set deprecated and will be removed in next version.
    Take care: do not use the method mysql::fetchRow() if you like to request an assoziated array. From next version the method will deliver a numeric array only (like the corresponding method in class mysqli_result).
    Replacement: use mysql::fetchArray(MYSQLI_ASSOC) or mysql::fetchAssoc() to request assoziated arrays.
  • (16) 2014-11
    Concerns: Handling of all Translation / Language files
    Deprecated: the complete handling, well known until WB-2.8.3 is set deprecated (see also #08 from 2013-02)
    Replacement: use class Translate, witch controls and load all translation and also provides the translated replacements.
  • (15) 2014-11
    Concerns: all Addons like modules, tools, themes, templates and any witch uses an info.php
    Changes: each of the info.php files is set deprecated and will never work from 2014/06/01.
    Replacement: the new info.ini file. A detailed description about you can find in the WB-Wiki: Hello-World - Projekt
  • (14) 2014-11
    Removed: from class frontend these methods are removed:
    → prepocess() : this method is without functionality 2012/08/27
    → menu() and show_menu(): this methods are outdated. Use show_menu2() instead!
  • (13) 2014-11
    Changes: wb/config.php is set deprecatet and will be removed soon.
    Replacement: request wb/framework/initialize.php instead
  • (12) 2013-12
    Changes: Inline javascript is deprecated in all HTML-Output
    Replacement:Use javascript files only! Use the Whitelist HTTP-Header to define allowed external 3rd party scripts.
  • (11) 2013-12
    Changes: Most of all used global Constants are set deprecated now..
    Replacement: all of these values are accessible now by the WbAdaptor(future registry).
  • (10) 2013-12
    Changes: With view of PHP-5.4 the ini-setting of magic_quotes=on no longer is suportet.
    Replacement: change the php.ini file or add a .htaccess file to switch this setting to off.
  • (09) 2013-05
    Changes: The use of PHP function md5() for password hashing is set deprecated.
    Replacement: to hash and compare passwords use the methods hashPassword() and checkPassword from the class Password instead.
  • (08) 2013-02
    Changes: All of the language arrays, provided by the language files, are set deprecated. The whole handling of the language files, well known since the beginning of WB, is set deprecated.
    Replacement: All of the translations will be supported now completely by the class Translate. See Centralized management of translations(still in german only) for more detailed information about.
  • (07) 2012-12
    Statement: <php>global database;</php> is removed from core
    Replacement: use <php>$database = WbDatabase::getInstance();</php> to get a valid database handle
  • (06) 2012-12
    Changes: the file config.php is replaced by setup.ini.php. See related post.
    All defined aliases are set deprecated!!
  • (05) 2012-12
    Changes: Class WbDatabase. See related post. Lots of methods are set deprecated.
    Replacement: described in the linked post!
  • (04) 2012-05
    Statement: <php>global database;</php> is set deprecated
    Replacement: use <php>$database = WbDatabase::getInstance();</php> to get a valid database handle
  • (03) 2012-05
    Statement: the class database is removed from core
    Replacement: use <php>$database = WbDatabase::getInstance();</php> to get a valid database handle
  • (02) 2010
    Statement: language files: multi dimensional arrays like $TEXT['MODULE']['TITLE'] are removed
    Replacement: single dimensional arrays like $TEXT['MODULE_TITLE']
  • (01) 2010-11
    Statement: <php>$database = new database();</php> is removed from core
    Replacement: use <php>global $database;</php> instead.
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